Lesson 13 Practice 2, Invoked Workflow missing variables, cannot make new import arguments

When I look at the invoked workflow Recording Sequence, it is missing variables, each of the activities are still outputting to H, dd and dd1 rather than Name, PhoneNumber, Email.
I manually create variables and change the output to these. Then when I go back to Main, I cannot add Name to import arguments. I’ll add it, close the window, save all and when I reopen the window, it is gone.
Very confused here as to what I am doing incorrectly and how I can get:

  1. When I change the variable names at the start of practice, shouldn’t these name changes be applied even after I invoke workflow for the Reording Sequence?

  2. How can I get new import arguments to persist?

Hi @nyck33

Could you post some screenshots of the specific issue? I believe your issue lies in the fact that changing your variables works for each separate workflow. In this case, if you rename your variable in Workflow1.xaml file, these will not be renamed in the Workflow2.xaml automatically.

@loginerror inerror

Will do by tomorrow afternoon here in so hot I’m Thai’redland. Edit: tough crowd tonite

Anyways, here is video (embedded in ppt file) of me trying to add/change arguments: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tymx8wlgze35qgk/lesson13Practice2Video.pptx?dl=0

Indeed, I believe this is expected behaviour of the Import Arguments button. If you add this third variable within the workflow that is being imported, then the Import Arguments button will work correctly.

It basically resets the arguments to match all of the ones within the workflow.

This behaviour will be streamlined with the incoming 2019.5 release. You will be left with only Import Arguments button. On top of that, if the name of the variables match the argument names in the invoked workflow, they will be assigned automatically :slight_smile:

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