Lesson 10 - Answer is Wrong?

In the Quiz in Lesson 10 - there is a question:

The Read PDF with OCR activity will throw an error if the following is not specified:

  1. The OCR Engine that is to be used.
  2. The Text property.
  3. The FileName property.
  4. The Password property.

Answer should be 1 and 3 ONLY - The Results show GREEN but Marks given is 0

I’ve tried this practically by omitting Text Property and Password Property -and it works fine

Omitting Password will only give and Error when the PDF is password protected - but that was not in the question.


Yes You are correct @maheshmurthi. The answer should be 1 and 3 Only.

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Whom should we address this to be corrected - so that future users don’t face this and the professional image is preserved ?

contact Academy Contact UiPath Learning and raise a ticket to modify. Better if you have screenshot of your answer and Evaluation.


Done - Thank you