Less fields returned from my ML Skill in ML extractor

Hi all,
I created a custom ML model and created nearly 38 fields in the model.
I then deployed the the package and also run the pipelines (training and evaluation) and then used it as an ML skill in my studio

But the problem that I’m facing is that out of 38 only 16 fields are retrieving from the skill.
Anyone have any idea that why I’m getting less fields even though I trained my ML model on 38 different fields but I’m only getting 15 fields in my ML extractor activity.

Anyone got any idea ?

Hello @raheelferoze!

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Brother… Same issue for me. Please let me know if u find any solution.

Hey @Sree_Govind_G
Yeah, I just figured this out. You just have to reconfigure the ML extractor
I mean when you open “Configure extractor” you have a settings icon below the “Minimum Confidence” text in the Configure extractor menu.
Click that and provide the API key and the ML model and click on “Get capabilities”
and then see again your fields in your ML extractor drop-down.

Hope this will solve the issue.
Let me know if you still face any issue.

Raheel Ahmed

Thank you brother I will try this and let you know if i facr any other issue… Thanks a lot brother

Bro i created a dataset from ML extractor trainer… After that i selected a ML package “invoices” from out of box package… Then creates a piple line… ( training pipeline). Then deployed the newly activated package and ran my flow in uipath. But name invoice no feilds are not extracting… It is showing like not extracted… Can u help me brother…?.. Which pipeline we have to select evaluation pipeline or train? For custom ml training

@Sree_Govind_G First you’ve to request access to “Data Manager” from Uipath. You can request the access of “Data Manager preview” from “insider.uipath.com
It might take 2-3 days.
After you get the access, You go to data manager and train your model by labeling the data.
You can do it so, by using atleast 10 documents of the same template.
I’m referring you some videos from where you can see step by step about how to create and train your model.

part#1 : #1: Introduction to RPA and UiPath Document Understanding - YouTube
Part#2 : #2: UiPath Document Understanding Setup an ML training - YouTube
part#3 : #3: UiPath Document Understanding in Action - YouTube

If you still find any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks

Raheel Feroze

Bro I have datamanager inmy enterprise trial. I didn’t request but it was automatically acessable from my Uipath automation cloud.
Do we have to select evaluation run after train run? Is that important?.. Can u please help me… If u provide ur linked in id i can contact u… Other wise it will consume more time… Can you?

Hello @Sree_Govind_G ,
Well, it is important to make a train run first before the evaluation run.
Because if you haven’t made a training of the model, then what will you evaluate ?
And if you already have the data manager then there’s no need to request the data manager again.
Moreover, you need atleast 10 documents of the same template for training of the model. And then you have to run a training pipeline. Once it’s successful then you need to run the evaluation pipeline on the trained model (the trained model will be an updated model ).
and when the evaluation run is completed then you can finally run the Full Pipeline and then you will use that trained model in your workflow.

Raheel Ahmed

Have you looked into the tutorials that I shared ?
They’ll be really handy.