Learning VB and relevant .NET commands and information with no programming background

The RPA Academy assumes some base knowledge of info when it comes to inputting in commands. I have no programming background or experience and would like to familiarize myself with relevant command inputs… for example things like… status.Split or status.Contains status.ToUpper…
Forgive my ignorance but I know that some of this is .net and some VB. I have heard of codeacademy and other instructional tools, but what specifically should i study to help me specifically with commands that would be applicable to UIPath.

Is there a core list of 20, 50 or 100 basic commands that every RPA developer should know that I should work on committing to memory?

Ideally I would love to have some sort of app or game that teaches me commands that would be helpful for UIPath and RPA development. Maybe there is some .NET or VB game out there for beginners…

Im not even sure if I am correct in assuming that the information I am seeking to learn is even called .net or VB…if its not what is it called?

In other words,theres obviously some core knowledge in other programming languages that is applicable to this curriculum. Where do I start?? for the love of god this is hard but I am determined to stick with it and learn this.

Any suggestions? Good information to supplement the UIpath academy for a non programmer?

Hi @SkipE99,

You can just go a head with UiPath academy. Once you work on some small projects/exercises, you will face challenges. That moment you can reach forum and get the best solution. Simultaneously you will learn the .Net/VB methods.

So learn from problems :smiley: