[Learning] UiPath Process Mining Developer Course

I just completed the first 2 Process Mining related courses (Basic Conector and App One).
The next step is the Developer Course. However, it’s suggested as prerequisite the UiPath Process Mining development environment. They say to contact support@processgold.com), which i just did. In response they said “Currently, we do not have any developer environments for partners where they can just get access. It is possible to ask for a non-production license but that will have to go through your partner manager.”

My question is: The only way to be able to go through this course is to buy a non-production licence ? Just for the sake of the course, i dont see right to pay 14k. Any test environment will be available in the near future or is another way to get one ?


Hi Madalin,

Thanks for your question. We do not have a community addition at the moment. We do however run a UiPath enablement program with partners to enable them on the UiPath Process Mining software where the software will be made available for internal partner training only. If you are already a partner of UiPath please contact your partner manager who can discuss with you the details.


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Hi Christiaan,

Can we get the dev environment by any other way, we are a partner and yet the channel manager couldn’t provide it.