Learning ".Net Classes and obkects" for the certification exam

Hi all,

I’m preparing for the UiARD exam, and feel I am well prepared for all the tool catigories like Studio, Activities, Orchestrator etc.
However, I am finding it difficult to find study material for the .Net classess and objects area of the exam.

The practice exam has a fair number of quesitons that expect us to be able to code/script actions, rather than use the Studio activities and their parameters.
Not coming from a programming background, I find it challenging to prepare for this, and there does not seem to be anyting in the UiPath Documentation Portal that covers it.

So, any suggestions on how to study/practice enough of this quickly to have a chance of passing the exam?

Thanks for any pointers.


Hi Graham,

There’s plenty of material in the RPA Developer Foundation courses within the academy

There are also a few community tutorials within the courses section too. They should all help cover the topics you need.

Hi Thom_Co,

I really appreciate the quick reply.
I will check that out.

I have done quite a few of the courses previously on string manipulation, datatbales etc and use them regularly in my work. Unfortunately the practice exam has questions that frame these interactions as stand-alone scripts in what looks like VB.net or similar, rather than using the UI activites and parameters built into Studio.

One example might be constructing a script using dtclone() to clone one datatable from another.
If thee is somewhere in the academy I can find training on that sort of thing, and also where it would be applicable in e.g. a Studio activity. that would be immensely helpful.

Thanks to you, and anyone who can help with this.

Hi @Graham
Did you have any luck in finding material for the .Net section of the Advanced Certificate exam ?
Were you successful in achieving the cert?

Currently studying for the cert and any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

Hi Rachael,

I wasn’t able to find anything perfect, but I did run through a couple of academy trainings that I had probably rushed through previously and not focussed on the details about instantiating variables etc.

2 that helped were in the RPA Developer Foundation Course:
Data Manipulation
Variables, Data Types and Control Flows

Also, having a skim read of relevant parts of the MS .Net documentation for areas related to those subjects gave a bit of a feel:

And a couple of specific searches eg re reg expressions agve some background:

Most of what came up in the exam was actually in the Academy stuff, I hadn’t paid enough attention first time round.

Before doing this research, my first attempt I got 69% with this as the definite weka point that let me down.
After a few hours focus on the subject as above, next attempt I got 83%.

Wishing you well. It’s a toughy if coming from a non-programming background but the info is there.



Hi Graham
Thanks so much for your very detailed response.
Delighted to hear that you passed the exam and did so well.
Have done what you suggested and gone back over the some of the foundation courses.
Not as daunting now as it once seemed.

Kind Regards