Learn calculate security hash example

Hi, I was just trying to help.

Hi Abhinavk8,

It’s very good you wanted to help everyone but this is a most important part of advanced training where the people go through this exam and they face different challenges while doing the exam, if the whole workflows are provided, this will be misused.

I suggest it’s better to help them when there are challenges faced by them and by not providing them the complete answers.


Ohh I am sorry as I didn’t realize that, I am in many groups of RPA and people keep messaging regarding the flow and unable to understand the problem thoroughly. Hence keep asking for help.
So I thought it will be better, if I can help them in any manner.
However this code has some basic changes and copy paste won’t help them.
If you wish I can take down this post.

Ohh its seems I dont have permission to delete the post.