Launching jobs remotely and locally via script

We have the community version with 1 bot server and cloud Orchestrator. I have read that jobs can be launched via API calls but it wasn’t clear if this is possible with the community version? I read conflicting information on this.

If it is possible to launch jobs remotely, what is the best method to do this? API curl?

If not then it is possible to use something like powershell ‘invoke-command’ to launch a job directly to the bot server? I have tried:

Invoke-Command -ComputerName BotServer -Credential compnay\bot -ScriptBlock {
cmd.exe /c “\location\Users\bot\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-21.4.3\UiRobot.exe” -file “C:\Users\bot\Documents\UiPath\Project\Project1.xaml”

But this errors with ‘access denied’ (I am able to launch other scripts fine using invoke)

Thank you

Is this doable?