Launching .ica file

I need to automate a Citrix application. Below is the workflow

  1. Login to a citrix based website through browser
  2. Navigate through some tabs and click on the required icon.
  3. .ica file will be downloaded.
  4. Open the .ica file
  5. Citrix application will be launched.

In the above flow, using uipath, how can we automate “opening of the downloaded .ica file and launching citrix application”

Note: I cannot create a shortcut for .ica file on desktop(as suggested in the uipath website) because, the instance gets closed as soon as we log out og the website

Thanks in advance

Having the same query. I have tried to launch it like a normal application, but I’m unable to choose an appropriate selector for it. The selector is not generating automatically.

Any suggestions will be helpful.

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Facing the same issue.
Any suggestions…

@rameshgp43, have you manage to figure this out yet?

Currently I’m just using a Start Process activity and running “cmd” with parameters “/C %USERPROFILE%/Downloads/{icaFileName}.ica”

Only issue I come up with is if the user folder has a space character. For some reason, when it seems to break it, even with quotes.

i.e. “/C “”%USERPROFILE%/Downloads/{icaFileName}.ica”"