Launching Applications/Postgres Connectivity

Hi all,

Currently evaluating UiPath for some projects coming up in 2017. I’ve gone through some of the documentation and I’m still unclear on a couple of things.

1 - Launching applications. I’m trying to configure it to open Chrome and then use that window to go to a URL. I used the Launch Application step followed by Type Into. It seems logically like it will work but then I get an error:

Main has thrown an exception.

Message: Selector not found.

Source: Open application 'chrome.exe Selector's

Exception Type: COMException

It seems like there’s an issue with the ID of Chrome in the selector, but as I’m just evaluating the software right now I haven’t dove too deep into the selectors. The documentation I’ve seen focuses on applications like Notepad. I’m wondering if anyone has an example of launching a browser(Chrome or Firefox) and then actually performing tasks in it, so that I can compare and see what I’m doing wrong.

2 - Much shorter question. We use Postgres for our databases. Does UiPath support this? I haven’t come across documentation on how to interface UiPath with a PG database or if it’s even possible.

Thanks for any help. Normally I would try to research this a little more on my own, but at this time we’re just evaluating the software so I’m trying to minimize the amount of time I spend researching issues and spend more time seeing if UiPath fits our needs.


Ad 1. Since you’re using Chrome, make sure you have the plugin installed. Use OpenBrowser activity (remember to change which browser in properties) instead of LaunchApplication. There are a couple of activities, like NavigateTo that should fit your needs.
Check the Web Tutorials (note: some of them show older versions of software, but most functionality is almost the same from user perspective).
From experience I can say that I have some projects running with Chrome and I’m pretty happy with how they work.

Ad 2. (non-definitive answer) Should work through ODBC I think. Make sure you have UiPath.Database.Activities package installed and check with DatabaseConnect activity.


Thanks for information! Very much appreciated.