Latin Character Issue with encoding


We are using Cloud Orchestrator.

The input “Barbâra” is added to Queue but the item is reflected as “B\u00e1rbara” and when data is recieved from the transaction item still the same “B\u00e1rbara”.

We tried various encoding(ASCII, UNICODE, UTF-7,UTF-8,UTF-32) methods but nothing worked.

What is the encoding method Is used to insert the transaction item in Queues?

Could any one assist with this?

Thanks in Advance.


Hope this may helps you


Hi, Thanks for your reply @Srini84 , i knew about the issue of encoding with the CSV, But im dealing with the single item from transaction, and i have tried the above mentioned encoding too.


give a try if this quick conversion can help:

ensure system.Text, system.Text.RegularExpressions is imported

Hey, I just solved the issue using the same.
thanks for your time… :slightly_smiling_face:


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