Latest Version Of Library Published To The Orchestrator Is Not Available For The Upgrade In The Studio Manage Packages

Why is the latest version of library published to the Orchestrator is not available for the upgrade in the Studio Manage Packages?

Issue Description: When a custom class library in .NET 6 that is importing to a Windows/Cross-Platform compatibility project one specific version is able to be installed, but after a new version is published to the Orchestrator, the existing library disappears from the package manager in Studio.

However, when the 1st version is installed to the project before publishing the next version of the library, the library and option to update the library are visible in Studio Package Manager. Once the upgrade is done, the library package will once again disappear from the Studio Package Manager.

Root Cause: Based on the current Studio code, the Get results for the Metadata are returning null at the time of the issue and turned out that the metadata is being cached in the folder: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\NuGet\v3-cache because of the Nuget cache mechanism.

Validation: In the aforementioned folder path, look for file "list_<libraryname>_index.dat" and rename it which will make the Package Explorer to find the updated package. With the current mechanism, It expires in 30 minutes, so it should fix on its own if you wait for 30 minutes at most.


  • If the wait time is too long, remove the nuget cache after upgrading a library package.