LATEST build BUG - 1st when install and second with core activities


I have learnt that latest community edition shows window with info that it has not been opened or installed properly last time - even If You are installing for 1st time.

later You can not see core activities…

I have found solution for BUG:

copy the file with activities as aforementioned in other tpics (keyword:core activities for search) to destination path (C is whatever your windows install disk_)


, but…

open packages.config (XML) file that is present in the same folder and update file name in xml line which adressess package to 2016.2.6379.27755 or whatever you have…

because there is bad link to older version in this config file!!!

Not able to find UI Automation in packages

I wanted to add that this finally fixed my issue as well.

Here’s a screen shot clarifying exactly what needs to be changed. Once this package is downloaded and put into your ‘packages’ folder, you need to open up the config file in note/wordpad and change the version for UiPath.Core.Activities . Once this is done, the Core activities should be available under ‘local’.

File Link:

Image of the change needed:
-Note: make sure you are viewing hidden files