Latency in Drop-Down Boxes Collapsing during Automation in Chrome

I’m working on the Level 3 Generate Yearly Report project assignment. I’m encountering a funny issue in Chrome that causes the Robot to trip.

The Drop-down box is in Chrome is taking longer to collapse. The longer the box, the more pronounced is the effect.

In his case, the Robot selects the value of each month from the Month Drop-down. But as it reaches the middle of the list (around May), the drop down expands, and it remains expanded even after the Robot has selected the Month from the box.

The Effect :
By the time the drop down collapses, the Robot has looped around and come in to select the next month. The problem here is that when the drop-down gets stuck in the open position, the Robot fails to carry out the rest of the actions in the rest of the loop - in this case it fails to check if the file for May has been downloaded before adding it to a list. Therefore, this file is entirely missed from the flow.

Current Awkward workaround:
I had to add a Refresh Browser activity at the end of each iteration of the loop. This seems to refresh the drop down and prevent this error.

However, this is inefficient for two reasons:
There is no need to refresh the browser until after all files have been downloaded for a given Tax ID
The Year drop-down can be selected only once. But with the refresh, we have to additionally select the year each time needlessly.

I’m trying to record this issue in action, but if there is an alternate fix, please post.


Change WaitForReady property from Interactive to None and then try again for those activities.

Worked! Thanks! @lakshman ! :slight_smile:

However, I still have to read up again to better understand these options!

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