Last name column does not belongs to table DataTable

I am doing simple project which is “Input form in rpachallenge website”
filling online form in rpachallenge website into excel file.
While i passed the all requirement as per project but one error coming (Last name column does not belongs to table DataTable) I have set the label as well as using anchor as well.

Please let me know the solution what i can do for that, it really helpful for me.


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Hey @GaneshJadhav

This means there is a mismatch between the excel column name and the datatable column name you are passing in the code.

Just check you are passing exactly the same matching case and no extra space or something.

Hope this helps.


Yes its working now.
In that excel file “Last Column” some extra space is there so deleted them and save file and run project.

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Perfect cool @GaneshJadhav :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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