🎪 Last chance! Start 2021 on the right foot with Reboot Work Festival

Reboot Work Festival, December 15, 16 & 17

Hello UiPath Community :wave:

At our Reboot Work Festival, happening December 15-17th, you’ll get everything you need for a more inspired and innovative automation strategy. :rocket:

This global virtual event will feature exclusive strategies from companies leading with automation. Through interactive demos, insider tips, craft talks, live forums, and success stories, we’ll show you how to use RPA, AI, and other transformative technologies in your business.

Reboot Work Festival sessions are tailor-made to four global regions, so you can explore events relevant to the communities where you work and live.

This and more can be yours — all you need to do is reserve your spot! This is a rare chance to join an enthusiastic group of automation experts, users, and leaders for conversations on where this fast-moving industry is headed.



Attending and its very useful.


If only I could figure out how to attend???

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Hey @darkmattr,
Reboot Work Festival | UiPath it is a link.
Register over here. It is quite useful. I am attending this.
Feel free if you require any more help.


Ok, thanks! I just realized that the link was also provided in the registration confirmation email. :person_facepalming: