Large XAML file performance issues

How large can a XAML file be before studio starts to work like i am on a windows 98 PC?

I have a process now that does not have much reusable code which makes the process XAML file 2.5MB. In a text editor it is 23,644 lines. This does not seem like a lot of lines at all as i have written powershell scripts that are 10k lines.

Hi @josh.haggin

I’m not quite sure how big a xaml file can be. But I’m just thinking, why not you try to separate some tasks into different workflow files and call them in your main workflow? May be a set of tasks that are related to a small specific process or part? That can simplify the workflow and even reduce the size of it.

Is that possible in your case?

I could create more XAMLs just for the sake of creating more XAMLs.

Currently I am only using separate XAML files for repeatable code and shared code that our team uses. I have 11 XAML files that currently fit that. If it split sections of code in to separate XAML files and follow a pattern already in place, it would add 26 more. I was hoping to minimize XAMLs to prevent issues on losing track of where variables/arguments originate from.