Large Excel File Takes Lot of time to save in uipath

I have large macro enabled excel of size 70 MB and I wanted to perform below actions on it -

  1. Delete all rows from existing sheet
  2. Paste new fresh data in same sheet
  3. Save and close excel

When uipath try to save excel in excel scope application it takes lot of time(more than 1 hours) just to save and close file. I tried many things to perform above steps using macros and uipath activities like delete range and save workbook, excel as database etc. But I couldn’t get any perfect solution to optimise excel save and close time.

Kindly help me how can I work with such large amount of data and large excel size with uipath.

Thanks in advance.

@vitthalgaytonde - You can try to use LINQ queries , which faster and efficient.

For Ex: I had 36K rows on my excel, i was initially using filter table activites which took close to 10 mins. Later i replaced that with LINQ query which ran in less than 2 mins.

Thank you for your quick response. As per my knowledge LINQ queries used to perform data manuplication on data tables.

But here we don’t have issues with data manuplications in excel , we are facing issues only when Uipath try to save excel using auto save option in Excel Application Scope or using save workbook activity.

Excel starts automatically calculations in multiple thread which takes lot of time to complete all calculations in excel , causes uipath become freezes until all excel calculations everytime before save and close excel. And we can’t disable automatic calculations in excel due to business requirements.

@vitthalgaytonde - Personally i hate excel application scope.

I meant, wherever possible you can LINQ query to improve the performance.

I know Excel is just like- You hate it or love it… but you need it :slight_smile:

Let me know if you found some best approach to optimise time to save and close excel in uipath or using macros. Thank you.

Hi Sir
Can you say
how to taking date from excel and finding the previous date in UiPath