Laptop Requirements for UiPath (is high Graphics card necessary ?)

Hi I am looking to buy new laptop for UiPath. I am going for i7 12500H, 16GB RAM but it only has Intel uhd graphics not Intel iris. Are higher graphics card necessary for UiPath or programming in General?

If you plan to work on tasks that involve 3D modeling, video editing, or game development, then a dedicated graphics card (such as NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon) would be beneficial. Also, machine learning and AI tasks that use GPU acceleration benefit from a dedicated GPU.

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Hi, Thank you for your time. Can I go for 16 GB RAM ryzen 7 5800H with and Radeon. Is it comparable to i7 12500 H ?


Let’s go one by one

In terms of using UiPath, High-end graphics cards are not necessary for UiPath or programming in general. However, if you are working with large datasets, complex algorithms, or demanding graphics software, a high-end graphics card can improve performance.

Yes, you can go for a Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon integrated graphics. It is a comparable CPU to the Intel Core i7 12500H, and the Radeon integrated graphics are sufficient for most UiPath and programming tasks.

Here is a link to a UiPath document on hardware requirements: Robot - Hardware and Software Requirements

As you can see, the document does not require a high-end graphics card.
So you are good to go with ur current choice

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