Laptop computer problem

When I use the laptop computer, i can not click some button which can be clicked in the Desktop computer. The Display resolution are same. Just like UIDemo downloaded in the academy, I can not click any buttom.

Wow, this is very uncommon:

Do a click activity and can you see if it’s selecting that on the one you are wanting to click in particular?

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Any item I want to click, it also shows selecting the whole UIdemo

Ahh on this use Computer Vision(CV)
for that my friend you will need to install the package
UiPath AI Computer Vision Activities

After that you will be able to do this out :slight_smile:

Good day and happy coding :smiley:

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And in this computer, I also can not click the close button in this pictuire.

Uninstall the UiPath —> Clear temp files —> Reinstall UiPath…

But for the button you can do this, close tab :slight_smile:

This will surely help you out :slight_smile:

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I reinstall the uipath, but it doesn’t work

Hi @fightblue

Is there any chance that Studio process is sandboxed by some virus protection software on the machine that doesn’t find the selectors?
It is quite strange that it wouldn’t.

I think you can still try running your Studio as administrator to see if it will fix the issue of not finding proper selectors.


you are right ,running the Studio as administrator can fix the problem. Thank you.

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