Lack of Unique ID

In My application I am having around 6 pages. As of now there are no Unique ID’s & most of the fields can be filled using Type in to activity. Now if the data is fine application is going and creating the records successfully - after completing page 1 reaches to page 2 … positive flow.

Incase if data is wrong or any unpredictable error occurs then instead of placing the data in sequential order it moves to some other screens or typing in to some other fields. As of now where ever possible I am throwing an error and starting the process from the beginning.

Due to lack of unique id I am facing this problem. Any one suggest me on how to handle this in a better & efficient way.

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What do you mean by lack of Unique ID? You mean selectors?

In what cases it goes out of sequence? Are you validating the elements ( element exists or image exists) before you perform type into to avoid typing into wrong elements?

Have Citrix RPA that completely runs in hot keys, I used to face the same issue when something goes wrong, I validate window/pop up based on Image exists.

There might be better solutions, let’s see what others have in mind.

Yes I am referring selectors.

Again I am not able to track any unique id or selectors in that page. As a work around I am selecting complete page content and verifying the page - For example Log in page should contain User ID , in this way I am assuring the current page.

Can you share the selectors of your page, usually atleast Id value will be unique in a page.

Here is My ID : wnd app=‘jp2launcher.exe’ cls=‘SunAwtFrame’ title=‘*’

java idx=‘6’ role=‘panel’

Also One more quick question : In an exceptional situation I am using Kill Process to close the current process. After closing also UI Path is running and application flow is continuing . Now how to stop UIPath . How to stop application with out moving forward like some other language having the features to do this - break and return .

How about terminate workflow activity?

Thanks this works. Please share your thoughts on Selectors issue

Share more than 2 selectors to compare and also did you get a chance to research UiExplorer feature

Vaidya , Terminate workflow activity works fine if its placed at the root level . In my case I am placing it inside foreach loop which contains try , catch. So when error occurs it raises exception but its not closing the workflow immediately instead its closing the app after for each is completed .

Do we have any alternate for Terminate work flow ,Please suggest.

May not be the better idea…how about

Break in Catch block and keep a flag there (broke = yes)

Since its comes out of Foreach after Break…Out of your For Each keep (if Broke = true) treminate workflow ?

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Thanks Vinay - I will try and let you know on this. Meanwhile is it possible to search a specific text inside UI Path - Like in Visual studio you can search and find text and then you can replace them if required. Do we have that sort of functionality here. Please suggest

You have a search bar above Outline tab which searches in the current xaml page. I don’t think you can replace.

Try Ctrl+F and see if you are able to, I tried this morning but didn’t work for my version.

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Vinay , Are you Referring file explorer.

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FYI- If we call the terminateworkflow inside catch then its working