L3 - Vendor Information Errors

Hy guys,

I am stuck with these 3 errors that are on repeat through the whole process…can someone help?

C h a p



Hi @Chap_Chap

Where in your workflow are each of these errors occurring? It would be easier to understand each error with some context.

Thanks @Chap_Chap!

The entire WF is running and it has a huge delay because of these errors, it manages to download and upload all the xlsx files but it does not “complete” the vendor information.

the 1st. one is from the System1_CreateYearlyReport -> "Click save "


the 2nd one is from the System1 -extractVendorInformation, I have searched for this one but could not find a solution. Maybe has to do with this value from Assign TaxID

The 3rd one is from Close all applications but I have managed to solve it by re-indicating the “log out” button.

Your selector for the first issue looks correct, do you have a follow up activity to click the Save As button?

For your second error, I used 2 assign activities. The first assigned an array: array = vendorInfo.Split({": ", Environment.NewLine}). vendorInfo is the text extracted from the web page.
To get the taxID I used array(3).

Hope this helps!