L3 / Calculate Security Hash - No Condition Defined Error on GetTransactionData.xaml

Really close to the finish line on this project!! so any help is greatly appreciated. When executing the ReFramework in full, the following occurs and the process stops

Process logged in successfully and pulled the data from System1. System1 closed successfully and the process of reading the transactions began. System1 logged back in successfully looking to update the work items.

The SHA-1 site opens successfully.

The process stops when it reaches the GetTransactionData.xaml with the “No Condition Defined” error. How can I troubleshoot this? Where can I look to get details on this error?

Please check the output window to know exactly at which activity the workflow is faulted.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks very much @KarthikByggari for the fast reply. It is the IF activity here that faulted.


The text of the fault is here.

“message”: “If Faulted”,
“level”: “Trace”,
“logType”: “Default”,
“timeStamp”: “10:57:20”,
“processVersion”: “”,
“jobId”: “ad91160c-8837-4712-8102-c8ccfe17598e”,
“robotName”: “JamieStandardRobot”,
“machineId”: 200274,
“fileName”: “GetTransactionData”,
“logF_BusinessProcessName”: “Framework”,
“activityInfo”: {
“Activity”: “System.Activities.Statements.If”,
“DisplayName”: “If”,
“State”: “Faulted”,
“Variables”: null,
“Arguments”: {
“Condition”: “False”

Did I miss setting the value for an argument perhaps?

Good afternoon @KarthikByggari. I am just following up on my reply below. Can you take a look? I would appreciate your expertise regarding the source of the fault and an approach to resolution. Thanks again.

Hi @jamiejam,

If you go into Main.xaml, and get to the spot where you’re invoking GetTransaction.xaml and open the Arguments tab, are there any arguments that you have passed into this workflow. For example, it should look something like this:

Thanks very much @AndyMenon. The xaml is invoked here. I click on “Import Arguments”.

This is what I have.


Please let me know what you think. Your feedback is appreciated.

The out_TransactionItem argument is empty…

You need to pass it the TransactionItem object so that the xaml can return the transaction data.


Thanks again @AndyMenon. OK… I made the update.


I am still getting that error. I checked the condition fields in the IF activities and both are populated so a condition is expressed. They appear to have clear syntax. Any ideas? Thanks once again for your time and feedback.


In the Assign activity on the left, is there an issue with the way you’re are referencing the array?


The WIList array if I recall is Zero based. The transaction number is 1-based.

Thanks @AndyMenon. I 'm revisiting the design document and the walkthrough. I’ll reply back in the morning.

I checked on my end. This is how the expression looks like:

Also, the parameters you pass to the GetTransaction.xaml also look ok. Here’s what I see on my end.

I hope this helps.

Sorry missed this. In the XAML, did you disable the Queue processing activity? It isn’t required.

Here’s what I have @AndyMenon

  1. in_WIList(in_transactionNumber-1) is what I have assigned to out_transactionItem.

  2. I removed the queue by deleting it. I should have been neater and done the comment.

  3. When I click on “Import Arguments” I have cleaned up as you noted. I believe things match up.

The execution successfully goes through the init and logs in. Scrapes the data and logs out. Then logs back in to start the updates. The Acme app stops on the Dashboard screen. The SHA-1 page opens but no data is typed into the field to pull back a hash. Is it possible I am scaping the data but not passing / storing it?

That is a possibility. If it’s an empty string then no action is performed. Is the WIList populated?

Since WIList is a datarow, what is the easiest way to dump (check) the contents?

My apologies @AndyMenon. Let me try to explain my attempt to unit test that very thing (is the WIList populated). Attached is my _Test.xaml. I output the data from the data table to the CSV of course with no issue. I try that with the datarow variable and that naturally doesn’t work. I try that with a Message box and simply get the variable type shown. What method can you suggest to output the WIList content so I can see it? Thanks yet again for your time. Jamie

_Test.zip (1.8 KB)


set a breakpoint on ur message box, check the variable tab on the left, that should show you your WIList

Thanks very much @MythicGold. I will work that and get back to you.

The breakpoint did allow me to reveal the content @MythicGold so thanks very much for that. The assign of the WIList variable based on Page 10 of the walkthrough results in a null set. (Other variables / arguments are populated.)

I re-read and proofed the assign based on page 10. I am not able to see the error I made in assigning the variable. Can you take a look at the assign and provide feedback? Thanks again.

_Test.zip (1.8 KB)

can you try to set breakpoint on the message box below your assign and run? also, if you want me to troubleshoot, can you zip up your entire project so i can check other areas as your test xaml file looks ok on the surface