L3 Assignment2 - monthly reports have different structure?


When I download monthly reports I notice that they have different column structure, for example in January Date is the column #1 and in May it is column #5. Is this intentional or a bug?

If intentional - how to join such data tables? Being stuck on this for several hours already.


As it clearly written, it doesn’t matter what data is there in the merged excel file.
Just use build data table to append the data of each month.
As per the instructions, we have to just upload the yearly report (no need to worry what’s there inside excel).

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I don’t even have to delete duplicate headers?

Confirmed - this is not necessary, you can pass test just like this. Thanks for the answer!


In order to simply achieve your requirement, first you have to build a datatable with all the headers. (dt_YearlyReport)
After the ‘read CSV’ activity, read the “dt_MonthlyReport” datatable and assign all the cell values to the corresponding values of the built datatable under the same header.
just like, assign → dt_YearlyReport.Rows.Item(row_index)(“InvoiceNumber”) to row(“InvoiceNumber”) inside a ‘for each row’ iteration of dt_MonthlyReport.
where, “row_index” is a temporary counter to increment the row index of dt_YearlyReport.
As the cell values of the datatable are fetched and assiged here, don’t worry about the header replication.
Please don’t forget to add a datarow activity with a null array({}) at the beginning of “for each row” activity and increment the row_index count at the end.

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