KSeF e-invoicing in Poland - new custom activities package

Hello UiPath community!
Office Samurai team would like to announce:
The package containing activities that provide integration between UiPath and Polish e-invoicing system KSeF (Krajowy System e-Faktur) is now available and ready to use:

Key functionalities that simplify interactions with this system:

  • Providing a choice for the user between all types of environments: Test, Demo and Prod.

  • Establishing an interactive session using previously generated secret token.

  • Sending invoices in XML format.

  • Downloading a single invoice in XML format.

  • Downloading a package of invoice in ZIP format.

  • Retrieving information about issued and received invoices in KSeF system according to the selected criteria.

  • Generating an official confirmation (UPO) of sent invoices.

Detailed list of the activities:

  • Initialize Session – establish an interactive session and connect to the KSeF system.

  • Send Invoice – send invoice in .xml format.

  • Send Invoice - Check Result – check the current processing stage and the final invoice status (accepted or rejected).

  • Invoices Package - Initialize Download - initialize downloading an invoice package from the KSeF system.

  • Invoice Package – Check Package Status - check the current status of preparing invoice package to download.

  • Invoice Package – Execute Download - download previously prepared by KSeF system package of invoices.

  • Download Invoice By KSeF number - download invoice from the KSeF system based on its unique KSeF reference number.

  • Get Invoices List - retrieve information about invoices in the KSeF system based on the search criteria.

  • Check Session Details - check the current status of an interactive session and information about the invoices sent within this session.

  • Generate UPO - check the state of an interactive session and download UPO.

  • Terminate Session - end the current interactive session and disconnect from the KSeF system.

How to get started?

  1. Follow the steps in UiPath KSeF Activities Manual.pdf in order to set up the prerequisites.

  2. Start automating your interaction with the KSeF system.

Don’t hesitate to reach us in case of any questions or suggestions of improvement!