Konw whether the browser has finished loading or not?

That is exactly it, Hector. Just add this activity and UiPath will wait for the page to finish loading, there is no need to validate the output.

Something that might help you in testing how the automation will behave when in slow connections is Network Throttling, a functionality available in DevTools. Here’s a video explaining how to use it: How to Emulate Slow Internet Connection in Google Chrome (Network Throttling) - YouTube

Just keep in mind that you need to keep DevTools open while testing, otherwise it will reset to your regular speed. Breakpoints work great when setting up test cases.


use the “Element Exist” action in activities and in properties panel change the WaitForReady dropdown to “Complete”

But this property is not working correctly

Hi Bro.

You can use this way to check if the webpage loading is finished.

  1. Before click or any action to load webpage… find and get one any value on webpage which be changed when the webpage loading finished. example: The value cost or total line … etc

  2. And then use Retry Scope + While loop to check if that value is changed before the webpage is loaded… if the value is changed, the web loading is finished.

I have tried this way with many my projects.

Thank you sir i will try this beacuse i have used Element exists activity bit it take whole timeout period. thank you again i will try Get attribute activity

Hi please could share a xaml file to test it