Konw whether the browser has finished loading or not?

Hello people, I’m asking how to know whether the browser has finished loading or not ??


Hi @Hazem,

You can use “Find Element” or “Element Exists” or “On Element Appear” activity with appropriate value in TimeoutMS property.


This will happen by default with web UI Automation activities that have WAIT_FOR_READY = Complete. They will execute only after the web page has been fully loaded.


@badita @Vitan Thanks for your helpful reply,but actually when the browser has been fully loaded,there could be 2 things,either the browser navigated to the URL correctly (meaning internet is working) or the browser failed to connect (meaning no internet connection)…so I want just to know if the browser is fully loaded or not <<then use element exist with very small timeout to determine whether the browser navigated correctly to the site or not ??

Doesn’t ElementExists with WAIT_FOR_READY=Complete and a longer timeout (default is 3 secs) work?

@badita so if I used the element exists activity with WAIT_FOR_READY=Complete .It will wait till the page is fully loaded whatever the timeout was ?

Yes. Not sure what happens if redirects are involved but test it.

@badita It didn’t work,the activity didn’t wait till the page is fully loaded and processed to the next step after the timeout if finished

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Have you increased the TimeoutMS from 3000ms?

ElementExists returns a true/false - if it doesn’t find the element in the timeout, it will return false. You need to check it’s result after, f.e. in an If.

If you want to wait indefinitely, just set a really high timeout or set a `While(Not myElementExists) { ElementExists(…) }. Or a retry scope might be good for you as well.

@andrzej.kniola Actually if did increase the timeout to the average time the page takes to load then I may increased it to over a Minuit .
while the the browser actually has failed to navigate to the page !! so it will search for an element that will never be existed

Increase it to over a minute. If the element is found sooner it will continue without waiting.

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Yes,I know,but If I did that the activity will take the whole period to decide that the element isn’t existed and that’s would be much time to wait !! . I believe your solution is good but it’ll takes too much time !
and thanks in advance @badita

It won’t. [quote=“badita, post:12, topic:5820”]
If the element is found sooner it will continue without waiting.

But try it.

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I ran in to a similar problem, and the only workaround I found was to add a “Get attribute” activity after the “navigate to” one.

The “Get attribute” activity has “” as a selector, and “readystate” as the attribute name. This will cause the process to wait for the page to load.



Could you put your selector from the previous post into a code snippet? HTML tags get sanitized on the forum and I would really like to see that selector :slight_smile:

This is very helpful! Thanks a lot!

Thank you, this is a nice trick!

Here is how I configured the activity:

There is no need to validate the value of the readystate variable. UiPath will automatically wait for the page to finish loading just by using this.

I had to use this because the Element Exists activity was waiting for the whole Timeout period regardless of whether the page had already been completely downloaded by the browser (Chrome) or not. Am I missing something or this is the expected behavior for the Element Exists activity?


Hello, viniciusm, I did your example configuration in my project, The thing is how to use the output string variable -readystate- ? I don’t know versus what value compare it in order to know. the page was already loaded. or maybe I don’t need to compare? because the get attribute activity force to wait for loaded complete? Thanks for your help

Hello viniciusm I got it I print the variable -readystate- by messsage box activity and it shows “1”, but it works, I need to continuing testing the scenario where my conection is slower than normal and observ this behavior of the activity GetAttribute, your post was very helpfull, Thanks