Kofax(ReadSoft) automation with UiPath


I want to know is it possible to automate Kofax (Readsoft) application through UiPath?

If the answer is YES then my next question is… UiPath reading Kofax application elements as a normal desktop application or as an Image?

Kindly help on that. Thanks


Hi @Latif,
Almost every application can be automated with UiPath. As we used to say: “Sky is the limit!”. It just depends if application is using it’s own mechanism or it’s .net based. Regarding how application elements will be visible for UiPath you just need to try catch the selector from any of the application element. Just try with Click activity and you will see :slight_smile:

Thanks Pablito for your answer.

I know that “Sky is the limit” with uipath but as i already know that Kofax have their own RPA software so my question was, is it possible to use uipath to automate Kofax scenario or I need to use Kofax RPA to that part.

I have no possibility to test it, as when you get a new customer and they tell you they are using those application then you have no access to the system.

So thats the reason I’m asking it, maybe someone have already used it or automat or handel Kofax application.

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Hi @Pablito,

Is there a possibility that we can integrate Kofax with UiPath?


There’s no direct integration from what I know. But for such applications you can always use CV activities or recording.

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