Kobiton Integration with UiPath

Hello Community,
I am trying to configure Kobiton device with UiPath. After giving all the desired capabilities I am still not able to configure it. I am getting the below two errors,

  1. JSON serialize/deserialize error
  2. No device matching the desired capabilities

Do we have to install any drivers? It would be helpful if you all could guide me in configuring the device

It’s been almost two years since I tried Kobiton but if things didn’t change it should still work. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Kobiton account anymore. Here is what my device configuration looked like:

That device needs to be launched before you can use it. The one circled in red was my device.

Hope this helps!

I gave all the necessary parameters given in the image. Yet I am unable to connect the device. I can see the status of the mobile device as utilizing in the kobiton portal but can’t connect to it, it is getting disconnected. In UiPath mobile device manager I am still getting the error as “JSON serialize/deserialize error”.