KMIP works with UiPath?

I’ve been working with UiPath Studio since more than a year so far and recently working with a new project asked me if UiPath works with KMIP and since I didn’t found any of this in the documentation I ask in this foroum. Does UiPath work with KMIP?

The Key Management Interoperability Protocol ( KMIP ) is an extensible communication protocol that defines message formats for the manipulation of cryptographic keys on a key management server. … KMIP also allows for clients to ask a server to encrypt or decrypt data, without needing direct access to the key.

Based on my knowledge, it is a communication protocol and if you are operating KMIP by using windows based server to confugure then there will not be any issue to use Uipath to create configurations.

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thanks for your reply!

I have not used before KMIP do you know how to work with (using uipath)? UiPath does need some special package or is like a normal process with a different way to handle the credentials?

Hi Uipath Team,

I have a similar inquiry. My main concern is if KMIP is an encryption from server to user, then would this encryption process affect the interaction between Orchestrator and Uipath. For example, when the robot tries to log in, the password retrieved from Orchestrator would be encrypted by the time it reaches the server, and so on it would give a “bad password error”. Or would the password be decrypted before the loggin?

Thanks for your support