Killing iexplore process (where does the name iexplore come from?)

In the level 3 training you are told to kill the iexplore process as part of the project.

If I didn’t know that the internet explorer process was named iexplore from the documentation for the training how would I know what it was. If I go into task manager the IE processes are under “Internet Explorer” not “iexplore” this could be the same situation for any number of applications so how do you get the name of the process in order to kill it?

I don’t know about Windows 10 but when it comes to Windows 7 iexplore you can get from Task manager. please refer to below image.



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Thanks @pathrudu

Yes that’s true in windows 7 it used to be called iexplore. Unfortunately I’m now on windows 10 (and most people will have upgraded by now) so what do we do now???

Sorry I found the name under the Details tab in Taskmanager in window 10 iexplore.exe

On Windows 10 it can be found under details


Thanks JPaginton I did find it but I’m giving the solution to you for your help many thanks!

And you did a screen shot!

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