Killing Active Applications

Does anyone know how to find active programs rather than processes.
I need to Kill anything that is open such as word, outlook, excel etc but I don’t want it to kill background windows processes.

there is a caveat to this in that it has to be any open application, just not uipath studio, and the other open applications could be anything

Not sure if this helps with regards to specifically Active applications but what about


You could add multiple IF’s for all the programs you THINK might be open in your estate.

It’s one way of doing it I suppose.

I found this method whilst browsing the forum (not my idea :slight_smile: )

You could also use a batch file containing the taskkill command

taskkill /im EXCEL.EXE /f


Ask UiPath nicely to add an activity called GetApplications which may not be such a bad idea considering Window 10 at least categorises them.