Kill Jobs on other folders

I’m reaching you about a use case that I have
I have two folder on orchestrator

folder 1 : user_1 - Machine_1
folder 2 : user_1 - Machine_2

i’ve uploaded a process on folder 1, this process contain

  • Get Jobs
  • Loop to the output Jobs
  • Test if item.state = JobState.running
  • Stop job (Strategy : Kill Job)

The aim is to kill running process on folder 2

I think it all about permission, cause i don’t have any errors when running the processes (he can’t go inside the loop)

Thank you in advance for your help !

Add the user_1 and Machine_1 in folder 2 also. And double check if the user_1 roles and permission from folder 1 are the same as in folder 2.

@marian.platonov thanks for the reply but :

  • I have the same user within the two folders ( User_1 )
  • Question : what is the aim to add machine_1 on folder_2 ? cause we chose which machine to run on it when start a Job
  • i’ve tried your solution , but without an issue