Kill CSV process: Error " The process cannot access the file "

Hello everyone,

I have this error message →
Read CSV info Max: The process cannot access the file ‘C:\Users\\Desktop\tnxlot.txt’ because it is being used by another process.
I try with a killer activity but it does not work, maybe I didn’t use it correctly. I put the same argument of the read csv activity in the processName in the killer activity, please help me.

The Kill Process activity needs to contain “excel” as its argument to ensure the file isn’t open. It’s also possible to open CSVs with a text editor, so it might also help to have another Kill Process activity to kill “notepad.exe”.

I do not understand very well the part abour “excel”, I’m not using this program. But I proved with notepad in the Kill Process and the program failed again.

First, is the file on a shared drive? If not, restart your computer, and the error should not occur. Do not open the file it’s trying to access.

No, the file is not on a shared drive, the error is being caused by UiPath that is using the file and it fails after some loops. Did you get the resultion?

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