Kill Chrome Or Other Applications - In Remote Desktop


I need to close the chrome if it is already open in VM.

Please give solutions.



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Hi @saili

usually when you start the project use Kill Process and pass the value as chrome.exe

Ashwin S


Use Kill Process activity and mention process name as chrome.

But I need to kill chrome in citrix environment.

Hi once after opening Citrix window with the process use MAXIMIZE Window Activity
So that the Citrix will be set to full screen
And if any activity like kill process is used there after it will close the window inside the VM only
So now use KILL PROCESS activity with ProcessName as “Chrome”

Cheers @saili

not working

Hi @saili

Create a bat on your remote desktop and double click it.
The content of bat file is “taskkill /f /im chrome.exe”.


Thank You:)

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