Kill Application vs Close Application - question on time to run for both

Curious why the Close Application activity takes longer to run that the Kill Application. Kill App is basically instantaneous.

Close Application works fine but after the application is closed almost immediately (using its selector) the workflow continues to pause for a bit (meaning like 5+ seconds … haven’t timed it) before Studio continues.

Comments ?

By the close request you give the application the possibility to close in a ‘normal’ way.
Let’s say it has to remove some temporary files and so on.
By calling the Kill you don’t give the application the possibility to end properly, so for example some files can still be in use.


Close applications is traditional way of closing application where during the closing application it will do all prior checks and then it close

Kill Process - abnoral ways which will effect the application behaviours(some times)


Lets i have one Excel application, i opened and added some data and i forgot to save

if i close the excel window it will ask for our confirmation can i save or not. which means, excel application before its close it checks

suppose if i close “Excel” Process then it wont ask for save and also when you open next time it will ask for the tempory files (right side of excel)