Kicking users off licenses from orchestrator

I am running into the problem of users not quitting their license to free them up for other users. is there a way to kick them off that license from orchestrator?

Are you talking about Studio licenses? As long as the user is logged in and the application was opened, i guess the license will be locked, if this are on servers that you could close their sessions then it free up the license.

No this is for concurrent attended robots that the user is no longer using but forgot to quit he robot tray

i think the logic would be the same, in orchestrator you have only one robot and its license right? one try would be disabling it on orchestrator and enabling it back to see if it releases or not…

I don’t see any option in orchestrator to disable the bot just to remove it

yes, i mean disable the license not the robot.

Can you give some direction on disabling a license from orchestrator?

it would be like this:

But im sorry i just realized it cant be done for attended licenses, i dont know why…

is that only an option under unattended? I would be looking for this on an attended license and I dont see that setup in the attended section.

unattended and non-production only

Any thoughts on how to accomplish a similar task for attended?