Kibana & Orchestrator

Hi ,

I have Setup the Orchestrator , Elastic Search and Kibana over a Azure Vm.

I am able to create charts and dashboard via Kibana. But every time ww stop the VM and start it, we loose the dashboard saved and created by us. And we need to execute “AddMessageToElasticSearch.ps1” powershell script and Create the index all over again.

Kindly let me know if there is any workaround.


Sounds to me like a setup/config issue. AWS offers “storage blocks” as a component (EBS - elastic block store)… which are essentially persistent external HDs whose contents are persisted regardless of the state of any given VM that might be writing data into it.

You would want to point your Elastic Search at a persistent EBS instead of the VM’s local disk, then the data would persist across VM stop/start.