Kibana Dashboard for Robots Utilization

Hi All
I am new to Elastic Search/Kibana.
I am working in UiPath and I want to create a dashboard where I can see my Robots utilization (on a Robot, what process run at what time and when its is free based on time of the day) on a daily basis and can see when free during what time of the day.

I want to have timestamp on Y-axis and Robots on X-axis.
I would like to have slicers on the bar for a particular robot, where slicers can split the bar based on process running at particular time.

Let me know if I am able to explain my query.

Y-Axis should have time of the day (24 hours) and X-axis has robot name sliced by process name based on time when process is running.
I am able to get the x-axis and slice it, but y-axis I am not able to get the hourly time.

Can you please help me on how to get hourly time on Y-axis.


any progress on the above case…?

Go to management, index patterns in kibana and create a scripted field such as


You can then use that field in your visualisations

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