Keyword Based classifier - Invoice - Not extracting - IBAN number - Document understanding

Hi Team,

Currently i am working on extracting IBAN number from invoice using Document understanding. Unfortunately it’s picking up all other field but not the IBAN. may be this is not listed under the keywords. Can you please help? please find attached the workflow and the sample data.

Thank you.
SrinMain.xaml (24.1 KB)

@srinivas_pradeep - I guess, you might be using ML extractor to extract the known fields right?

For IBAN, add Form extractor or Intelligent form extractor and draw the box around the area, so that it will be get extracted. OR you can also use Regex based extractor too (if you are good in Regex patterns)

Please make sure to add that field before in Taxonomy.

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Thank you @prasath17 . Yes you are right i am using ML extractor. Was wondering why the IBAN is not part or how can we add those to the custom key words? Thanks for your suggestion will try. I thought ML extractor is more advanced compared to other techniques like Regex. Please let me know your thoughts.

Can you please share the sample workflow using form or intelligent extractor?

@srinivas_pradeep - I am not sure how to add those custom keywords(if there is one). I guess, it may be possible only from Data Manager which is available only for Preview.

Intelligent form extractor is really easy to configure. You can search for some videos in youtube, which will guide you.

The one which I build is for my official purposes, so unfortunately i can’t share that.

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Thank you @prasath17 . very helpful. I can understand. Will search through.

Hi @prasath17 , can you please share the link for the intelligent form extractor . sorry i couldnt find it.


@srinivas_pradeep - Please check this video