KeyValueList in Assets API

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I have a question regarding value type in Assets. I have a requirement where I need to use KeyvalueList for creating one of the asset. I learned from Orchestrator training that we have only four types of values(Int,boolean,text and credentials), but when I check the Assets Web API I learned that we can get the values as KeyValueList if the type is KeyValueList. I wasn’t sure how to do it and not able to find any detailed information regarding to this.

So any help on this would be much appreciated. And thank you for your help in advance.

Hi Siddartha,

Yes, there are only four types of Assets. The other ones are obsolete now.

Maybe i’m repeating myself, but the most relevant(in my opinion) thing regarding Orchestrator API is that if you can do that action in Orchestrator interface, you will be able to do it via API as well.

In your can, if you cannot create a KeyValueType asset in the interface, you can neither do it via API.

Thank you for your response Ovi.

Still, I am little confused about the keyValueList in the asset API description. It is mentioned that “A collection of key values will be returned if the valueType is KeyValueList”. If we don’t have KeyValueList in the type, there won’t be a possibility of creating a keyValueList right? So what does this KeyValueList return? I am pasting the snippet of the API below for reference.

Once again thank you for your help and time.

Yes, right.
The KeyValueList is supposed to return a collection of pairs. I think this was once a field in the DB. The dev team told me that these types are not actual anymore, so i would suggest to remove from the guide.

Also, i’ve noticed that you follow the api guide where you cannot test anymore the response. You can also try with:

Once again thank you for the response Ovi. Your help is much appreciated.