Keyboard short cuts in excel

How to send keyboard short cuts to a particular sheet in excel?

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Which keyboard shortcut will you be using? To do this, you need to automate Excel in front-end and then use the Keyboards Shortcuts activity (modern experience) or Send Hotkey (classic experience.

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I hope this video will help you to understand and get your desired output.

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Are you doing a Ui BASED Automation in Excel? It’s suggested to go with the Excel package and do the background automation.

If your requirement is not supported by the Excel package, then please explain your actual requirement.


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I have huge excel with multiple pivots. I need to refresh pivots. UI side Refresh all will do the trick of refreshing all pivots in minimal time. Please let me know if there is an equivalent in Activities. I tried to do Refresh Pivot1, Refresh Pivot2 et. Which is taking some time. Before that I also needed to add change data source activity for each of the pivots.


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There’s a “Refresh Pivot Table” activity. You can explore that option.

Here’s the documentation link:

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Click the tab for the first sheet, then hold down SHIFT while you click the tab for the last sheet that you want to select. By keyboard: First, press F6 to activate the sheet tabs. Next, use the left or right arrow keys to select the sheet you want, then you can use Ctrl+Space to select that sheet.