Keyboard operations not getting performed in the search bar of a website during execution time through recording mode

While recording through basic, desktop or web mode, when I try to enter something into an empty field(e.g. to search something on google) and select enter from the drop down for keyboard operations, such as enter, tab etc., “enter” works as it should at that time but during the execution time, [k(enter)] gets typed into the search field and the page does not perform the “enter” action.

The same action executed correctly when I tried adding “Type Into” activity manually without recording.

Please help!

@harsh497 - Can you select the option “EmptyField” checkbox in the activity where you are searching for something on the browser.
Example : When you type something on the search bar, a window shows with list of special keys and two checkbox’s.
Check the “EmptyField” check and try executing it again.

Yes. “EmptyField” is already selected. But from the dropdown menu, when I select “Enter” or “TAB”, result is not generated at the time of execution and instead, the keys also get typed into the search field and the function of “special keys” is not performed.

@harsh497 - Can you please upload your .xaml file.

Yeah. Here it is.

Keyboard.xaml (10.4 KB)

@harsh497 - 1st i would like to thank you, as i learnt something new.
The reason it was not working was because the option “StimulateType” was checked, which is supposed to be unchecked.
When this option is unchecked, uipath recognized “[k[enter]]” as a keyboard action.
For more information hover the property name.

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@pruthvisiddhartha Thank you so much for resolving the problem.
Really grateful.

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