Key Identity field for data

Hi guys,

I think we may have mentioned this before but the need for a key identifier has occurred again. As the data is now stored in JSON it is far more difficult to extract the ID field that you have used with your data, for example, Customer ID or Person ID. Thus when you need to do a simple de-dupe or remove certain IDs from your data the task is much harder than it was when each field was in a separate column.

Whilst the introduction of JSON Parsing in 2016 will be helpful I still think it would be beneficial to have the extra key field which would contain just one item of data such as the Customer ID in order to easily de-dupe as required.

Is this on the radar?



It is. Check here: Queue Improvements (Delete, Query) - #8 by Mohanakrishnan

Now, what is your specific scenario?

  1. you want to search in the UI by a specific id (simple)
  2. you want to retrieve an item from the queue programmatically. To achieve this the field shall be unique. But a retry or delete will actually create duplicates.

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