Key combination to create a variable


I’ve been using Ctrl + K to create a variable in the property field. I’m surprise not to see the option in this question in the test.

Maybe I’m getting confused. Where is the property field referring to?




I’m starting to give up with the tests. I’ve started to go through the tests again and I’m stuck in the one in session 3 and I can not manage to get pass the 70% after going through maybe already 10 times and watching the training, UiPath website and doing tests with the software.

I still see the question that I mentioned above on the key combination that don’t make sense to me and I’m starting to wonder if the other questions are correctly formulated also. Also, there are a few questions on DataTables, which it is only vaguely handled in this lesson 3. I don’t have a way to see where I’m failing so it is impossible to know what I’m doing wrong or what questions are possibly questionable correct (like the one I initially highlited). I would challenge for someone that has received already the certification to attempt these tests now as when I started one month ago seemed somehow not as challenging.

I appreciate the efforts from UiPath to create a Basic Training certification, but this seems at the moment to be beyond basic and it is not possible to learn where you don’t see where you’ve done the mistakes.

I hope you find a way to re-design the test so that allow us to build our expertise in UiPath rather that build on our frustration.




Thanks, this was a typo. You are correct, the key combination is ctrl+K.


Also, we’ve been changing the quizzes and their options and we might have missed something in the process. You can try to have the test now and you’ll most probably pass without any issues.

Regarding the answer to the questions we are still searching for a viable option to implement this, as we do not want to make the answers public so they could be easily tricked for future users. I know it generates a lot of frustration but if you do need help and clarification we have a weekly RPA Webinar (every Wednesday at 3PM EEST) which addresses any question you might have regarding the training.

Hope this helps,


Did a quick check, still got 100% twice, but the questions themselves were more challenging than I remember.

Some of the questions do feel a bit out of place, though, at least for a beginner course.
The one about Collections is arguable (first guess was that it’s about which classes implement ICollection interface, which seemed to be correct, but that’s not a thing that could be known to a person just learning, especially since one of the things that is not an ICollection in the answers can function very similarly to one and could be argued is a wrapper for a collection…).
The one with InvokeMethod (which is probably an Intermediate topic) was “tricky” too.

So I don’t know… it feels weird to have implementation detail questions right next to a basic syntax one. It might be appropriate to split some of those to an Intermediate course if you’ll have that available in the future through the academy site.


Don’t give up man. To me, some of the questions are “tricky” as well but all you can do is learn :slight_smile: let us know when you have your certificate printed out!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I know you can do it.


The one about collections has me puzzled as in the training I see all different types listed, but I’m guessing this is not really what the question is asking


That’s interesting, didn’t catch it earlier.

So according to that screenshot String is a collection - it certainly can behave like one (since it’s an IEnumerable, as you can iterate over the underlying char[]). But it’s not an ICollection per se.

I guess it depends on how you look at it (a string is a collection of chars, from logic perspective), but looking from Class/Interface perspective, above info is not correct - a String is not an ICollection in .Net. And when it comes to writing code, interfaces (as in - methods, properties etc.) is what counts in the end.


@andrzej.kniola: So which are the correct data types for a collection then. Arrays & Lists?


@Roxana_Stratila: How can I join the RPA Webinar? Is there a link to access it?




The webinar should be visible on the welcoming page. Please check the screenshot attached.

Let me know if you need any help.



@Roxana_Stratila: I see the link, but when accessing the link I see an error message. Will this be active later on today?



I enrolled you in the webinar. Are you able to connect ?



I was caught on some meetings and I just saw your note now. I guess it was maybe too late to join. I’m getting still the error message.

It is the time GMT? I don’t see it in the email I received.

: 6/7/2017 1:00:00 pm - 6/7/2017 3:00:00 am


Hi @Roxana_Stratila ,

Is there a webinar on today?