Key combination in send control key activity


I want perform key combination esc+pause/break in my send control key activity of terminal activity in mainframe.
Can anyone help on this,How to perform key combination action?


Not sure if you can send combination via control key activity. Have you tried type into?

Or may be Send Keys activity (never tried this)

something like[d(esc)]d[u(break)]


I’ve tried key combinations in Send Keys for the Terminal and it doesn’t work, unless I’m mistaken. The only option would be in that case to use TypeInto, however, that’s not a good option because it relies on a selector and the Terminal Scope works differently; the selector for a Terminal window is based on how many windows are open, making finding the correct window difficult.

Plus, I think the question was about including the Esc and Pause/break keys in the Send Control Key list as those keys are not there. Not sure why though (I’ve never needed to use them myself).


It’s doable with TypeInto, but requires that you find the correct Terminal window which isn’t that easy to be honest. Before they patched our Terminal Session scope, I was able to do it by decreasing a number and converting that number to a letter; if the window existed then I had the last opened window, because each new window created a letter from A-Z


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Do you to mean to say I have to perform the type into activity inside the terminal session or
inside a window(attach window)…

Please help to knw

You would need to use a selector with the TypeInto so either a full selector or partial selector inside an Attach Window would work. However, the condundrum would then be getting the selector of your current window being used, because it’s not so easy. Our terminal windows are denoted by a letter, like A for first window, B for second window…

I don’t believe a Terminal Session scope contains a selector that TypeInto can look at so like I mentioned you would need an Attach Window. However, I wouldn’t recommend going that route due to the separation of the Terminal Session scope and Attach Window would bring.

Maybe we can push for some updates to allow better keystroke automation with Terminal. My biggest complaint right now is that Getting Terminal screen text takes estimated 3 seconds when it should be instant, and that adds up when you need to input 1000 lines into a screen. I can write a vbscript that takes 10mins or less to process what UiPath Terminal activities take 1hour.

Have a good one.


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Thanks man