Keeping control on the robot

Hi helpers,
Can someone explain me how i can inspect my robot. I made an robot but i want to keep control on it. So if an error will occur my Support department will get an email so they’re informed. When they get the email they know they have to change something in the robot. If it’s possible to mail exactly what went wrong it would be perfect. If that can’t be done i am very happy to.

Pls help me out!

Hi @438654,
Please follow the Level 3 Training. There are assignments where you are configuring REFramework template to catch the error and you will be able to create xaml which will send email in case of any error/exception. This will be a good start.

Here you have assignment where there is a part about emails.

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You can create your custom workflows which should get trigger in case of any kind of exception for sending the emails with the exception messages to your support team.

You can use those workflows inside transitions within the RE Framework template.

Other way is to configure the alerts on orchestrator level which will send the activity feed for all kind of activities going on and off like robots status,Job Status.