Keeping breakpoints in a process when sending to another user

Hello, is there a way to keep breakpoints in the .xaml file after sending them to another user via email? I need a colleague to test one of my processes, and run several checks at various points when the automation would stop on a breakpoint. However when I send the file after inserting and saving the breakpoints on my end, they are no longer in the file when my colleague downloads and opens the file. Please if anyone can let me know if this is possible.


Information for Breakpoint exists in .local\ProjectSettings.json.
So can you try to send the above file, then restore it in new environment?
It’s also good to archive project files including .local folder.

Please note that as .local is hidden folder, you might need to modify settings of explorer.


You should be sending them the entire project folder, including subfolders, not just the XAML file.

I send the entire folder to a Zipped folder and send that, which includes all subfolders and project.json

I’m not able to send the file here unfortunately.
Is there something i can edit in the ProjectSettings.json file that allows the breakpoints to stay?


In general, we don’t need to edit ProjectSettings.json.

One of the easiest ways is as the following, for example.

First, rename “.local” to “local” and uncheck hidden attribute.
Then archive project folder to zip file.
Next, send the zip to another environment.
Finally, extract it and rename “local” to “.local” in new environment.