Keeping an exe file open till the end of the sequence

I want to run an exe file of Tabular software using UiPAth. I have attached a snippet of the exe file I am talking about. Generally, this exe file runs in command prompt first and then starts the software in Internet Explorer.

I am using “open application” / “Start Process” actvity to run the exe file but it gets closed within 1 sec and doesn’t wait till the software opens in Internet Excplorer.

Can you please tell me how can I keep the exe file open till the browser opens?

Thank you. Capture

Hi @sadiaafrin

Have you used attach window and set delay after seconds as 20000


Hi @AshwinS2

Thanks! Could you please elaborate a little more? Should I put the open application activity inside attach window? and where am I supposed to set delay? I am new in UiPAth.