Keep specific Rows in DataTable

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I had a DataTable of unknown number of Rows i want to keep only top 5 .
I cannot use Filter . Is there any way to do
Any help will be appreciated .
Sahil Garg

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Hi @Sahil_Garg,

Try using a For Each Row with a counter. Set the counter to 0 before the loop, then enter the loop, and add the row to another DataTable. Then add one to the counter and the loop will start again. Once the counter is equal to 5, exit the loop. Would look something like this:

Edit: It should be count = 4 in If statement, not 5

taking the first 5 rows can be done with following statement:


copyToDatatable will be the new one right ?

have a look below (Had used two as the DataTable has less rows, justg for demo purpose)

It works bro Thanks for your response

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